Getting Started

Blogger has changed its look and feel. Surely it made me come back to the platform and write something on my newly created blog.The blog name is n terms, which might seems little strange for many people out there. The letter n is used in mathematics to denote multiple (more than one) terms or occurrences of something. Since I have some mathematical background, the name n terms came in to my mind while looking for a suitable name to introduce myself to the blogging world.

I use n terms having some basic idea in mind. It means that I would talk about many terms or may subjects in my personal blog. Most of them would be related to the computer programming (mostly web development). This is inevitable with a person who spends more than twelve hours a day with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Hope you don't mind it and pay your attention to the rest of the posts.

Saranga A web developer and highly passionate about research and development of web technologies around PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
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