Twine - HTML based static website and documentation generator

Developing a static website or a HTML based documentation for something? Need to let your software users download the docs with the application? Want to use a common template across all the pages of your static website?

Well, this article is intended to help you with some basic but time consuming process of applying a template to an HTML based static website or and HTML based documentation. First think if you are developing a static website or documentation that has to follow the of rules given below.

  • All the files must be HTML files that has the extension .html
  • All the pages should share the same template without using a server side scripting language.
  • Files should be arranged in a folder based hierarchy for enabling easy access.
  • Whole website / documentation should be downloadable by end users for offline usage.
  • When published on the internet page URLs should be search engine friendly (SEO).
  • When browsing each page should contain a breadcrumb path for easy navigation.
  • Page title and description should be unique for each page.
  • Each page should be associated with a unique ID to make it easy to install social network plugins / widgets.
  • Pages should have breadcrumbs automatically generated.
Twine is a such tool that you can use to get all the above things done and generate a nice static website. However this tool is still in it's beta release. I leave it to you to experiment and use it in a creative way.

The GitHub repository is here.

Please don't forget to share your experience here.

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