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Yii CListView - JavaScript issue after pagination update

Yii CListView is a great tool when you want to show a set of data objects as a list in your web app. Everyone will bet the the most helping...

Saranga Saranga

Twine - HTML based static website and documentation generator

Developing a static website or a HTML based documentation for something? Need to let your software users download the docs with the application? Want to use a common template across...

Saranga Saranga

TinyMCE content missing in FireFox 11

You might have encountered this issue if you are still using an older version of TinyMCE. Older versions of TinyMCE are not showing the  content inside the editor in FireFox...

Saranga Saranga

How to fix the Ripple Emulator white screen

You might also have experienced this issue. The Ripple Emulator sometimes loads with a white blank screen after installing or updated to a newer version. This is a quick tip...

Saranga Saranga

Refresh jQuery Mobile listview after adding dynamic items in BlackBerry

I had a list that needs to be updated with new items from an AJAX response. List items contain some radio buttons and controlgroups that needs to be rendered as...

Saranga Saranga

Getting Started

Blogger has changed its look and feel. Surely it made me come back to the platform and write something on my newly created blog.The blog name is n terms, which...

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